KVC (GB) Limited are proud to represent the VIRTO Group – World Leader, manufacturing vibratory sieves and screening solutions for size classification industries.


Screening / Sieving Solutions.


With operations starting nearly 70 years ago, Virto Group / Cuccolini Srl is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of screening and separation equipment producing a wide range machines upto 3,500 units per year for the global market.


Active in over 65 different industrial markets, including food / ingredients processing powders, pharmaceutical powders, high value ultrafine metal powders for additive manufacturing and for aerospace / castings industries, heavy minerals and aggregates, refining and mining, plastics and glass recycling.


Represented worldwide either by partners or directly owned VIRTO Group subsidiaries, multi-national research and development locations focusing on separation technology and development of new production techniques, with our head office and factory in Reggio Emilia Italy, one of the renowned industrial heartlands of Italian manufacturing industry.


VIRTO Group is a global industrial screener and separation technology business represented in the UK by KVC (GB) Limited, whose employees have direct knowledge of the product range since 1996.

Virto’s Diverse Product Range.


The portfolio of the VIRTO Group range has evolved and increased over the years that includes industrial screeners for highly efficient and large capacity screening solutions for a wide range of particle size separations, from 15 mm down to 10 microns.  We have a dedicated range of high performance X-Line ScreenX screeners for difficult to screen applications, wet, sticky, agglomerative, aggressive and ultrafine screen apertures.


Virto’s products can be specified as FDA and ATEX compliant and are easily separated into two distinct product lines.


  • Cuccolini – A very well know brand throughout Europe and the world with a huge range of traditional circular vibratory screens from 450 mm to 2400 mm in diameter.
  • X-Line / ScreenX – Our revolutionary multi-frequency technology that achieves what’s was previously impossible for difficult to screen materials.

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